The Kasernenplatz

The Kasernenplatz, used for military exercizes in the 19th century, is bordered by a central barracks building to the north and an infirmary to the south. During the 2004 horticultural exhibition, the square was first used to organize outdoor events.
The Kasernenplatz is connected to the rest of city center by a pedestrian path running south through a parking lot and under the Kehl train station. Since 2003, this parking lot provides space for 275 vehicles. The site is also accessible from the Hafenstraße (Port Road) to the west.

Today, the Kasernenplatz forms the heart of a business and industrial park with approximately 130,000 sq ft (12,000 m2) of usable space. Since the purchase and conversion of this 500,000 sq ft property by the city of Kehl in 1998, the site provides space for both German and French businesses and has encouraged cluster development, with different sections dedicated to commercial activity, public and private service companies. In December 2002, the Franco-German Center for Police and Customs Cooperation was transferred from Offenburg to Kehl and is now located in the building on the north end of the Kasernenplatz.

The Kasernenplatz's location outside of city center also allows for the organization of events such as rock concerts. The 30,000 sq ft (2800 m²) square can be reserved for all your events.

For more information or for questions regarding the reservation of the site, please contact:

Kehl municipal administration
Gerlinde Ulrich
Tel.: 07851 88-3430


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